Monday, 21 November 2011

The Giants: design researches

these are drawings I have done for a VFX company
at the time they were pitching on a project with giants.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Faces of the World

A Bulgarian musician
An English lesbian

a Russian diplomat
a Swedish sport teacher 

A Maroccan estate agent

an Italian fruit seller

Saturday, 12 November 2011

the fake intellectual

that drawing was made after reading some stuff about Leo Strauss. It's not a portrait of the guy at all but more an interpretation of a picture I had seen of this intellectual who had such a bad influence in the modern world. He is one of the father of the neo-con policy that is so much hype in the american way to rule the World.
He escaped Nazis  persecutions by flying to the USA where he set up his philosophy saying, basically, that people are so dumb to get involved into politic, therefore, they should be governed by a class of "elite" who will know what is better to rule the country (Isn't it the situation we are living in ? ).

the mighty world of Job Centre Plus

While I was unemployed, the last couple of months, I've done  few sketches of people waiting for their appointment time at the Job Centre Plus. That was quite an experience which has cost me lots of energy for not much reward.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gerard le Normand dit ... @___@

A drawing I've done after watching a documentary about the Normands. I hope to finish it one day, as there is this poor scared peasant which is looking like nothing more than a pre sketch.

la moustache

Golgate brothers

he probably lives in North London, listen to dubstep, have colourful Nike shoes, travel by skate board and paint with a spray bomb ... so cliché ;)
success story ... in French ( why not after all ? )

In the lounge bar

You will be a man my son

I found funny to pose this kind of middle age peasant warrior with his son from a contemporary time, a sort of posh pupil in an accountant school. :)

Vodoo de charme

2 for a pair

 I wanted to draw 2 brothers with totally different life style. they look familiar but one is the shy gentle kind while the other one is the rough don't give a toss style.
Living in London, you can see a lot of those superficial fashionable KeKes 

Gondry, an eternal child

A caricatural version of Michel Gondry I've done after watching the documentary Director's Series, Vol. 3 - The Work of Director Michel Gondry in which he was often interviewed with his mom ... I found that very interesting to show that this not so young guy was still a momy's boy.

Sicilian ink

a mafioso

l'asiatique perche

Don Quichochotte

another interpretation of the famous character from the classic litterature

crazy haircuts

 fire style
full speed style


they would do anything to please him :)

 sketch of the kind of guy with the easy cool attitude which is a trap for girls ; )
 in the dancing pose
curves on the beach
the fun of the sea shore
Dance all night long

Thursday, 3 November 2011

the freak in the city night

I've done this shading quite quickly to practise with lighting. I like the atmosphere.

Doctor Krank

A drawing I've done in one go without sketching or construction shapes ... that is why the hat is a bit small and the perspective of his bag is slightly dodgy. I'm pretty happy with the general feeling though.

Fight for the father

a sketch of Magali Drouet, the daughter of an engineer who was killed in Karachi, a Pakistan town, 10 years ago. She is fighting against the French government to get the truth about what happened and why. It looks like some French politicians have been involved in corruption and Sarkozy might be one of them. I admire her courage to go to this combat where nobody want to tell the truth.

other faces

edmon, he could be class mate with Potter

 she had a vision : DOOOOM is coming !!

research of pose for Medusa on Clash Of Titans

a research of pose for Medusa, unfinished. I'm not totaly satisfied with the breasts shape ... but she is a snake/women so it could be just a physical condition from this hybrid body ...     * __ @

new faces american style

the name is Clarck, one of those typical faces from 70's american movies

here is Eddy

cheikh et sa chicha

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

lets make this blog alive

Hey ! I've decided to update this blog with the scans of those many drawings I've been doing for the last few years.
There will be oldies and more recent things.
those guys are from post-it drawings done while I was playblasting my shots (animators will understand ;) )